Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Protege Samantha Felizco

Samantha Felizco is one of the finalist in GMA Protege, this girl shows her talent to everyone from the first time she sings on protege, yesterday (october 30, 2011) we all got shocked on the elimination night results. I don't expect that she will be eliminated so early. We cannot blame her for what happened nor blame anyone about it but for me the main reason why she was eliminated is because of some factors. her mentor was not around during the training. as a mentor you must be responsible enough to guide your protege. next is the conflict between her and Denise, she was greatly affected of what happened between them. This girl surely will be back again at GMA, I'm sure GMA will give her chance to prove herself again on her singing career. all i can say to Sam is that You really done a good job. I'll be expecting that you will be one of the idolized singer in the near future.

Goodluck Samantha Felizco

If you want to view her Last performance click this video