Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side English patched

Tokimeki memorial is a Nintendo DS game. You will enjoy this game if you are a girl, since it is a dating simulation game. whats so good about this game is that you will not get bored of playing it and expect a beautiful and heart warming ending. I already played the tokimeki memorial Girls Side 1st love plus and Tokimeki Memorial Girls side 2nd season. It has many ending you will decide who is the man that you will fall in love with. after finishing the game i feel so good since it was very romantic (well depends on how you play the game and whats the ending)
you can download the game here with my link is not yet patched. I have the patched one but I'm having a problem uploading it so I will teach you the steps to patch  the game. just 3 minutes to patch (credits to the team who works on it )
The tokimeki 3 is already out but still in japanese language, teams are starting to translate  it now I will post here if the translated one is out.

FOLLOW this instructions to patch the game
1.Download this psycoblaster_xDelta_GUI

2. extract the file and open the folder
3. download the ROMS here
Tokimeki memorial 1 ----> DOWNLOAD ROM HERE
Tokimeki Memorial 2 ---> DOWNLOAD ROM HERE
4. download the patch here
Tokimeki Memorial 1 patch--->DOWNLOAD PATCH HERE
Tokimeki Memorial 2 patch---> DOWNLOAD PATCH HERE
4. exract the ROM rar files and the Patch then transfer it to the same folder of the psycoblaster_xDelta_GUI it should loook like this.

5. Open the xDelta GUI.exe

6. Click the select patch and look for the patch that you downloaded
7. Click the Select ROM then look for the ROM that you downloaded
(tokimeki memorial 1 is for tokimeki memorial patch 1 you might interchange it so be careful)
8. click the "Apply Patch"
9. wait for a seconds or minute.. maximum of 2 minutes then you will see the patched ROM ready to be transferred to your flashcart.

(the one highlighted with red is the english patched ROM to be transferred to the flashcart.)