Friday, November 25, 2011

New facebook phishing scam which threatens to delete account in 24 hours

according to security firm Sopho's nake security blog, there is a new facebook phishing scam. And the scammers are more clever now ,they just don't go after your account but they also want to get your financial info. How? Let me explain it to you.
First you will receive a fake email from facebook saying that you have violated their terms of service by insulting other facebook users, warns you that if you do not click the given link and fix the problem within 24 hours your account will be deleted in facebook. Here is the sample message that you will receive.
LAST WARNING : Your account is
reported to have violated the
policies that are considered
annoying or insulting Facebook
users. Until we system will
disable your account within 24
hours if you do not do the
Please confirm your account
[Link Removed]
The Facebook Team
Copyright facebook © 2011 Inc.
All rights reserved.
When you click the link you will be transferred to a fake facebook page saying your account has been disabled and you must fill up the webform which asks you your email, password, first 6 digits of your credit card and country. It will then transfer you to the next page asking again for your email,password and security answer. After that ,for the last time you will be transferred again on the last page which is the 'term of service'
At this point ,the scammers already knows your facebook account including your credit card info. So dont be shocked if you cannot access your facebook account plus face the credit charges in your credit card bill.
Another type of facebook phishing is receiving an email like this.
Subject: Did you log into
Facebook from somewhere
Dear [Username removed]
Your Facebook account was
recently logged into from a
computer, mobile device or
other location you've never
used before. We have reviewed
your account activity, and we
get information about possible
unauthorized access to your
Facebook. We have provided a
warning to you via email, but
you do not respond to our
"Your account was accessed
from a new location :
Anonymous Proxy."
If you are not signing into your
Facebook account from
"Anonymous Proxy", your
Facebook account may have
been compromised. We
recommend immediately verify
your account by carefully on the
link below to protect your
Facebook account. It may take a
few minutes of your time to
complete your data.
Please be sure to visit the
Facebook Service Account for
further information regarding
these security issues.
[link to scam page removed]
Note : If within 12 hours, you
have not verified your account,
then you have ignored our
notifications. Therefore, your
account is permanently
suspended, and will not be
reactivated for any reason.
Facebook Security Team"
This is also a phishing attempt so never input your account details or any financial information. Remember Facebook doesn't ask for any financial informations but scammers does.