Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rhian Ramos released new statement on her twitter and Vicky Morales interviews her regarding the abortion issue.

to answer all the questions, i'm
sorry that i have not been able
to speak on the topic you'd like
me to speak on. i have been
advised not to make any
comments on those stories but
today i've just received the go
signal to air my side. thank you
to the supporters and to the
thinkers. thank you to those
who have waited for my side in
this and have noticed the errors
in the events and statement that
have preceded. -Rhian Ramos

Rhian was also interviewed yesterday by GMA 7 Vicky Morales. Atlast Rhian already released her complete statement regarding the abortion issue. According to Rhian Ramos, she first met Mo Twister when she was 16, Mo Twister is so nice and kind to her that make her believe that they can also have a good and healthy relationship. But as time passed by Rhian Ramos wants to break up with Mo Twister because of their unhealthy relationship.but Mo Twister always treathen her whenever she want to end their relationship. If only Rhian Ramos listened to her family, this will not happen to her.

Watch GMA 7 interview with Rhian Ramos for the full updates