Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Only Hoax - Facebook will not ban Philippines

November 15, 2011 when lot of pornographic contents spread in facebook. later, there are rumors that facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a statement that they will ban facebook in Philippines because the said pornographic content originated from Philippines. this rumors spread but there are no, or any evidence of the said statement. according to Mark Zuckerberg they are still investigating regarding this matter and determined the real culprit with this pornographic issues. but he did not mentioned about the Philippines being the culprit. 

this issues and rumors are not true.
according to the,

"At the time of writing, Facebook has not stated where in the world the attackers are located. But, even if some or all of these attackers did happen to be in the Philippines, then Facebook would certainly not be so foolish and discriminatory as to ban the entire nation from using their network,"

regarding my earlier post, It is truly impossible for facebook to ban Philippines.  visit this link of my post