Sunday, November 27, 2011

The battle for PROTEGE Nomer and Lovely continues

We all got shocked last week when lovely's battle has ended, knowing the fact that she is one of the finalist who deserve to be on the top 5. But after that sad moment comes the big revelation. One of the 5 finalists who did not make it to the top 5 will have a chance to prove theirselve's again if they really deserve to be on the protege. This is a really good news not only for lovely but also for the 4 finalist.
Others think that it is not fair. But in my opinion its just fair. GMA kapuso 7 only did the right thing. As you can see ,on the remaining top 5 finalist I think protege kenneth and protege jensen have more chances on winning. I dont say that the remaining 3 finalist are weak. But for my opinion, protege will be boring if they only got 2 competetive finalist, knowing the fact that protege so what group stay in the game for this far because of the text votes (obviously they are 4, meaning they can have more votes than the other finalist)
protege nomer who showed us and proven us that he really is a singer was chosen by the judges and people to continue his journey. A big revelation is, there will be 2 finalist who can continue the battle. As expected , lovely was also chosen.
I Think this will be a great battle between my 4 bets protege nomer, protege lovely, protege kenneth, and protege jensen. Lets wait and see who will be the GMA's first protege.