Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Death of Ram Revilla/ Ramgen Revilla

We are all bombed by all the news regarding the death of some Pinoy celebrities here in Philippines.

Ram revilla , step brother of Sen. Bong Revilla are stabbed and shoot to death by 3 suspects. her girlfriend Janelle Manahan was also stabbed and shoot by the suspects, still alive and on the hospital away from critical state.2 of the suspects are already caught . and the other suspect act as a witness because of the guilt he feels about the death of Ram plus the reward money to those who will testify or show to the court the real suspect and the one who planned this kind of tragic event that happened to Ram Revilla.
But according to the witness they are only paid to kill Ram Revilla. and his pointing out that Ram's Younger Brother and Sister are the one who planned all of this. His brother Joseph Bautista 18 years old was brought in for an inquest by the Parañaque City Police. while Maria Ramona Belen Bautista is still missing but the authorities decided to stop the manhunt operation and work on the case. they will continue the manhunt operation when they already have the warrant of arrest.

Today is Ram Revilla's burial. His family are all sad because of his death plus the accusations that his brother and sister are also involved on the case.
his mother and Sen. Bong Revilla requested for a re investigation because they couldn't believe that Ram's brother and sister are capable of doing such thing to their own brother.

Let us pray for the Revilla Family. and for the justice of Ramgen's Death.
my respect and deepest condolences to the revilla family.