Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starbucks survey scam hits facebook and twitter

It was reported that there are a lot of scam nowadays, including the starbucks survey scam.  they will offer you free coffee when you complete their surveys, but actually after completing the survey you will get nothing, the scammer will be the one who will benefit on it. This type of scamming are made by CPA publishers. If you don't know about CPA well I'll discuss it.

CPA means Cost per Action, meaning you will get paid when somebody answers your survey. What scammers are doing is they will send you a viral message like  "you win a starbucks coffee visit this site to claim" . great you won a coffee by just visiting the site? sounds too good to be true.

when you visit their site, they will ask you to do something before you can claim the prize. the first thing that they will ask you is to share their website, or facebook fanpage to your friends on facebook or twitter. they will ask you to post something like this "I won starbucks coffee by visiting this site"

now your too excited for the free starbucks coffee but then the website will ask more from you. they will ask you to complete a survey for them to claim your prize.

now here's the real scam here.
Cost per action survey available in Philippines is the enterfactory survey, which will ask you to answer a quiz or to play a game. (wow easy) but after completing the game enterfactory will ask for your mobile number so that they can verify if you really played the game. never ever give your mobile number. why? If ever you did, enterfactory will deduct you 50 pesos load.

then you will think "50 pesos for a free starbucks frappe or coffee? not bad" dont party yet, because It's not only 50 pesos but they will also charge you everyday.
now you're freaking mad.

this time you have been deceived. why because after sharing the link to your friends, completing the survey, deducting you 50pesos and extra charges everyday, you will get nothing.

As in nothing. you only lose your money plus your time.
so I'm telling you guys, if somebody message you on facebook or twitter that you won a starbucks coffee never believe it. It's completely a lie.