Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to get Google Adsense easily approved

Do you always get rejected by Google Adsense team? Do you want to have an Adsense account but don't know how or where to start? Do you want to have an Adsense account within a day or two?
These are some of the questions by other new bloggers who wants to have an adsense account. Honestly it's just easy as ABC if you will be focusing on what I have to discuss.
First, you need to prepare things needed before you apply for an adsense account.
1. A blog or website (it can be a blogger, weebly, or wordpress)
A. You can use if you want to have a personal site and got no plans of buying your own domain.
B. Use if your niche is more on photography.
C. Use wordpress if you want to have your own domain.
+now you have your own blog, the next thing to do is to post something or put some content in your blog before applying for adsense, it doesn't necessarily mean that only article or posts are allowed.
A. If you are using a as your hosting, I advice you to make your blog template presentable, choose a template which fits your blog niche and something that looks professional. (other's got accepted by adsense even without a post, if your template looks professional) you can find many professional templates here You cn stop from this step then apply for adsense. But we will be playing it safe. Just to be sure we will post something in our blog. Any topic may do as long as you did not copy it from other site. (you can start a post by introducing your blog and yourself, adding picture also helps)
B. If you are using, as what ive said, if your planning for a photo blog this will be the perfect hosting for you. Now you start by choosing your blog name and url, then choose a template. Since you will be using this as a photo blog, you must add a slideshow on the first page. You can also add some gadgets like, traffic counter, site title and description. Add as many pictures as you can. 20 is enough. Pictures can be downloaded from the internet. Or you can upload your own shot if you have.
Next is make atleast 1 page (can be a contact us page, gallery page)
C. If you are using a wordpress you can also do the same thing on the letter A tutorial (the
Now you got your blogs and contents, the next thing to do is apply for an adsense account and wait for the confirmation if your site passed. When i did this it only took me 5hours to wait for adsense approval. 2 days will be maximum. But I Think this will also work for you. Just follow everything i discussed. Just choose which method you prefer A,B,C
Goodluck guys, please leave a feedback if this tutorial helps you.