Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maria Ramona Bautista Left Philippines ?

We all know that Maria Ramona Bautista is one of the mastermind suspect in the Ramgen Revilla case. according to their lawyer, Maria Ramona Bautista also known as Mara is not hiding but we are all shocked with the news that she left the Philippines and went to turkey. there are also some rumors that Mara have married a turkish guy last friday. If she is not guilty why does she leave Philippines knowing that her brother's case Ramgen Revilla is still ongoing. does it mean that she is guilty? Senator Bong Revilla Jr. after knowing that Ramona left the country, immediately appealed to the Department of Foreign Affairs to exert efforts to bring Ramona back. Senator Bong revilla jr. also appealed to Genelyn Magsaysay (mother of Ramona, Ramgen, and RJ)  to bring Ramona back.

Senator Revilla only wants a fair  treatment to all the suspect of the death of his half brother. Genelyn Magsaysay thinks that Bong Revilla only uses the Ramgen Revilla case for his political intention.
As of now there are more witnesses in Ramgen Revilla case.