Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Teenage dies in agony minutes after dyeing her hair

Early today this news about the teenager whose name was Tabatha McCourt, 17 years old was enjoying watching tv show at her bestfriends house when the incidence happened.

According to friend Heather Goodhall, 20 years old . few minutes after applying the dye on Tabatha's hair, she began pulling the foils on her hair and vomits before collapsing.

Tabatha started to shout saying  "no no no" .  the boyfriend of Heather's mom started to calm her.
according to Heather

 "It was really scary. Her eyes started going all funny and then she just started being sick. It was really frightening.

“She looked just like a rag doll - limp, just lying there.We phoned for the ambulance and when they arrived they told us to get out of the living room so I couldn't see what was happening. Next thing we knew she was taken out of the house and into the ambulance.”

She was taken to Monklands General Hospital where she sadly died.
according to the spokeswoman from Strathclyde Police there is still no cause of death established.
but they will still investigate with the possibilities that Tabatha suffered from a rare allergic reaction to the dye.

Tabatha’s grandfather John Bell, 59, said she had no health problems and the hair dye couldn't be ruled out for playing a part in her death.

He added: “We still don't know what happened to our beautiful girl.”

I believe that this girl really suffered  from a rare allergic reaction , one good point is that she pull out the foil in her hair shouting  and vomiting before she collapse.