Saturday, October 29, 2011

Protege Lovely Embuscado

Lovely Embuscado is one of the finalist in protege of GMA network, she was the protege of Ms. Jaya. I can say that all the protege contestants are all good in their performances. but one finalist caught my attention and it was Lovely Embuscado. I admire her being humble and being simple, maybe she have imperfections but having her qualities in terms of talent and kindness I can say that she is one of the beautiful Ladies in showbiz. and the way she sings makes my heart move. I was so happy when finally he met her dad because  of GMA, she truly deserves the title of "Singing Cinderella Lovely" We can see her transformations from her first audition up to now she really transformed in her looks.

Best Luck to all the Protege finalists you all deserve to be a star.