Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to be VIP+ in bidtraffic

We all know that bidtraffic is one of the high paying affliates. but first we need to be a VIP member to enjoy earning. now i will teach you on how to have VIP account in bidtraffic
just follow this easy steps.

1. Register in
2. as you can see your account type there is "REGULAR"
3. Go to Support ticket and send a new ticket
4. on the subject line type "I want to be VIP"
5. on the message box type " My traffic source is social networking sites, search engines , and my BLOG.
6. wait for the bidtraffic response to your ticket. (usually maximum of 2 days waiting , but in some cases you can have your VIP account within 30 minutes.
7. when you're already a VIP you can now start earning by posting your Bidtraffic ads on your blog and start earning $3 to $4 per click.

Hope that helps. on my next post i will be teaching you on how to get your java feed code in bidtraffic and techniques not to be banned by bidtraffic also the reasons why bidtraffic or 7search blocks your account.