Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Many Filipino died in Typhoon Sendong - Cagayan De Oro Tragedy

What happened on Cagayan De Oro is one of the most Tragedic experience in the history of Philippines.
Many Filipinos died, as of now It was reported that the death toll is already 900, and many bodies are still missing.
Corpses are seen everywhere floating, Other's cannot be identified anymore by their families. Food and water supplies are also not enough.

I was so sad for what happened in Philippines, I didn't expect that this typhoon will greatly affect Philippines, seeing the news about the death toll makes me feel really sad.

Houses are destroyed by typhoon Sendong leaving some cities in Cagayan de Oro erased from the map. Someone have to pay with this. this thing will never happen if not because of the illegal loggers who abuses our nature, they don't care if many people will suffer they only think of themselves.

Government are still doing all they can to help Cagayan De Oro including people from Luzon and other parts of the Philippines.
what they are thinking of now is about having an epidemic problem on water and other diseases. Why? because corpses are seen floating everywhere, waters are contaminated by mud  and corpses.
Corpses are still everywhere not yet buried because others are still not claiming the corpse, they also have shortage in formaldehyde.

Let us all help Cagayan De Oro to overcome this tragedy.
you can do so by donating any goods  and clothing to all LBC Padala (accepted in every branch), you can also donate with the help of GMA Kapuso and Red Cross.
Let us all pray for those who died on this tragedy.