Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Filipino faced death sentence in China

Last Wednesday, China released their decision about the Filipino who was caught in China Airport having 1.5 kilogram of heroin, Two of them are caught. The other one faced his life sentence but the other one will be sentenced to death on December 8,2011. Vice President Binay plans to visit China to appeal about the death sentence of our fellow filipino.
We have different reactions regarding this matter. Others will say, they deserve to have the death sentence to lessen the criminals and to warn others not to do it, the government should stop appealing.
But for me, We must do everything to lessen the sentence. Because we really don't know the truth behind this. We don't know if they really are a drug mules, knowing the fact that filipinos are fond of (paki dala, paki bigay). Not knowing that the package contains illegal drugs. The real suspect here is not him, as a matter of fact he is the victim. Or it can be a matter of life and death why he did this. We all know there is a big syndicate behind this, what if this drug syndicate treathens him of killing one of his love ones if he will not do what they asked for.
These OFW's only wants a better life for their family.
To the Chinese government, instead of prosecuting the accused drug mules, spend more time on finding the real culprits, or afraid to found out that the real culprit behind this is a chinese citizen too?
To the Philippines government, maybe its about time to change our rules. Instead of deporting chinese immigrants when found guilty of drug smuggling, why not prosecute them and put to life sentence or death sentence?in that way drug smuggling will be lessen in our country.
We also have to teach them their lesson. Knowing the fact that there are more chinese drug pushers here.
To the people, other ask why did these filipinos passed the security of our airport. Its not that we lack security in our airport. It was reported that the plane of these filipino nationals boarded on malaysia before they reach china. There are possibilities that the heroin are passed to them when they are in malaysia. In this case its more clearer that there is a big syndicate behind this. Lets us pray for the filipinos, they are the victims here. They don't deserve to die.