Friday, December 23, 2011

Celine Acut -The one who said that sendong victims deserve to die

I am shocked that this kind of person really exist, what happened to the victims of bagyong sendong make us all sad, but when I saw Celine Acut's post it makes me feel mad to her. I didn't expect that there is such a kind of person like her. She's so happy that the victims of bagyong sendong died, and she even wished that bagyong sendong will be back to kill all the poor people. so devilish right?

I'll pray for your soul Celine Acut, Let us all pray that she will not be one of the victim of this kind of tragedy.
Try to put yourself Celine Acut to the victims place. they don't deserve to die, It's not an issue if your a poor or a rich one. everyone is created by God and we all deserve to live whether we are poor or super rich. and it was also said in the bible that God loves the poor more. try to go to church everyday so that you will be enlightened with whats happening around you. If you don't have anything good to say its much better if you will just shut your mouth, instead of saying painful things to the victims of the bagyong sendong.

I believe in karma, those things you've said will happen to you. start praying now, how i wish your soul will be saved.

this is the statement or status by Celine acut on her facebook regarding the victims of the bagyong sendong. If you happen to know this person, better tell her that she's not helping filipinos and she's not funny. she deserves to go to hell more than those who died in the bagyong sendong.