Monday, May 23, 2011

Online Opportunities

There are so many online opportunities for you to earn dollars. Having social network sites like facebook, twitter, and other sites can help you a lot. I will give you the different types of online opportunities. 1.) PTC(Paid to click) this method is the most known method to earn online but it requires lot of time before you earn big bucks. 2.)PTD(Paid to do) they will pay you for doing something for them. Usually easy tasks like being a fan of their fanpage, subscribing to their youtube , and many more. 3.)SURVEYS-thats right some sites will pay you for taking up surveys the payment will range to $1 or more depending on the advertiser. 4)PUBLISHER- you can also earn by blogging but this is not easy because you must have a good blog for you to be accepted by the affliates. I will teach you the process on how to earn money by blogging.
5.) ONLINE JOB- this includes jobs that can be done with your own computer , like doing office works , transcribing or encoding files, typing job, web designing, home callcenter, transcriptionist, and many more. This kind of method is just like the usual thing when we apply for job. If your interested then you must apply . I will also teach you how to be easily hired in this kind of job.
6.)PTP(Paid to post) earn by being active in a forum usually the rate is $0.04 per post. So if you can post 25 times per day you can have $1.
7.)UPLOADING FILES- yes you can also earn by uploading files. And every 1000 downloads can give you $40 or more depending on the uploading site that you will join. This is also an easy method. Just upload your files and share it in a forum.
And the last method is social networks. You will be paid for every clicks of the advertisements link that you share in your profile. I will teach you about this.