Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introduction to Polymer Clay for Beginners

Last month I've found out that polymer clay arts is one of my hobby, I happen to see one of my friend whose into art of polymer clay. As a creative and artistic person, I tried making charms and other miniatures stuffs using polymer clay. I'm so happy that I discovered that I have some talent on this kind of art, I was able to express myself perfectly by using polymer clay. Many of you doesn't know or wants to know what a polymer clay is.

A polymer clay is made up of PVC or polymer polyvinyl chloride. It doesn't contain any clay minerals, it is only called clay since it has the same property as a clay.
Polymer clays are different on any other modelling clay. This kind of clay is perfect to use for sculpting since it is easy to knead and easy to form. This kind of clay is bakeable unlike the regular kind of clay (modelling clay) many of the artist use polymer clay to create and express their artistic ideas it is perfect for artists who wants to express their ideas by creating figures.

At first I was having a hard time on how to express my ideas by claying, I used Bakeshop sculpey as my first clay, but later on I've changed it to different brand since bakeshop sculpey is too soft for making a figure. If you want to start making charms and other figures using polymer clay, I will list down all the necessary things needed before you can start claying.

  • Polymer Clay (any brand may do, but I prefer Stiffy's polymer clay)
  • Electronic oven (the one with the temperature control) WARNING!! do not use microwave oven, it is not suitable for polymer clay, since microwave oven only heats objects that has moisture or water on it. You can also use oven toaster but make sure that you will not exceed the timer to 3 minutes since oven toaster doesn't have temperature control the heat rapidly increases.
  • Acrylic roller (used to condition or flatten the clay) you can also use pasta machine for conditioning your clay.
  • Tiles (any size, this will serve as your working area, make sure that the tiles your'e gonna use is the smooth one.
  • Cutting tools, Cutters. (will be used to cut your clay)
  • TLS or the translucent liquid sculpey ( this will be our bestfriend on claying, it is a liquid clay that can be used as adhesive, to stick baked clay to clays that are not yet baked.)
  • Gloss liquid (will be used for the finish product to make it look shiny or glossy)
  • Metal findings, Plies ( metal findings such as jump ring, keychain, cp lariats, bracelet chain, and other findings used to make an accessories.
Now that you have all the necessary tools needed for your polymer clay art, you can now start claying. The list above is the most important tools needed if you want to start claying. other tools for polymer clay is just optional. Subscribe on my website. on the next blog post I will be making tutorials on how to make polymer clay charms