Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spirit Camera - The cursed memoir in 3ds

Here is an upcoming game which will make you buy a Nintendo 3ds if you don't have one. This game rocks because you will be using a 16 pages AR book which uses augmented reality to display movies and other spesial effects and see the characters come in real life. There are some points in the gameplay that the evil spirits will be augmented to reality and will attack you from different directions. That's what makes this game creepy and exciting to play.

It was announced that this game will be released on the spooky Friday, April 13.
Players will use the Nintendo 3ds as a virtual camera and they have to help the character "Maya" a girl trapped in a creepy house. You will surely gonna buy a new Nintendo 3ds just to play "Spirit Camera-The cursed memoir. watch this video for the official trailer