Friday, January 6, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines - New tourism Slogan

This is the newest Slogan of Philippines for this year launched by the Department of Tourism this Friday. They are  planning to make this campaign successful by spreading it on social networking sites and to the netizens so that there will be more tourists in the Philippines, but some are criticizing the new slogan of the Philippines because It was said that this new slogan has been copied from the slogan of Switzerland last 1951. but according to the DOT (Department of Tourism), they don't have any plans on copying the slogan of the Switzerland  they only tell the truth and describes what do they see and experience in the Philippines.

The Department of Tourism wants us Filipinos to participate with this campaign and not only to watch for the campaign. They believe that it will be more successful if Filipinos will help each other to spread this slogan so that there will be more tourist who will be interested  on our country. It is really a great idea to use the social networking sites to spread the news. And they didn't failed this new slogan has been on the top trending in twitter.

It is really fun here in the Philippines, there are lots of tourist spot, beautiful views, and tourists will surely enjoy seeing our culture. We also have historical places that they can visit, they also can see our Philippine eagle and other animals that can be only seen on the Philippines.

You can also be a part of the campaign by posting to your twitter or facebook about our slogan. Yo can also blog it so that people from all around the world can know or see about the new slogan of our country. Let us also not forget the old slogan "WOW PHILIPPINES"

because if the tourist will have fun in Philippines they will surely say "WOW PHILIPPINES"

It's more Fun in the Philippines!!

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