Friday, July 29, 2011


Introducing my very first own ptc site - KRIMMBUX
join now and get more priviledges

"for the first 50 members, they will get 0.10 usd / active referral "

ACTIVE REFERRALS "those who will be active for 1 week"

Plus we will be having a referral contest

to the advertisers dont be sad
we will have a free 1 week advertising for free?? and all unlimited clicks

and for the first 10 advertisers who will extend their ads in my site , you will get a 50% of on your first purchase

here are the rates:

7 ads/day (standard member)
$0.02/ click (as of now but sooner when we have more members we will increase our rate)
$0.0025/ referral click (as of now, we will also increase this rate when we have more members)
$1.00 minimum cash out

Regular advertisement plans here... Check it out...
10 clicks for $0.30
50 clicks for $0.70
100 clicks for $0.80
200 clicks for $1.10
300 clicks for $1.50
500 clicks for $3.00
1,000 clicks for $5.00
2,000 clicks for $8.00
3,000 clicks for $10.00
5,000 clicks for $14.00
6,000 clicks for $14.80
7,000 clicks for $16.00
10,000 clicks for $20.00
4,444,444 clicks for $10.00
6,666,666 clicks for $15.00
9,999,999 clicks for $50.00

pre-Launching promo:

1. all Members who will get 50 active referrals within 1 month from the start of launching will have a 6 months member upgrade

2. First 1000 members will have a chance to win our raffle promo.
10 members will have a chance to win a 6 months upgrade for krimmbux ptc.

3. When we reach 5000 members there will be more contests for all members. As of now im still thinking about it. .so guys be ready! Krimmbux ptc "your friendly ptc" is on pre-launch stage

4. first 1000 members will get a membership upgrade

heres the link:
click here to register